Amendment 1: Trick or Treat for Florida Voters?

Guest Blog | October 27, 2016 | Energy Policy

With the spirit of Halloween on our minds, we just had to blog about the tricky, utility-backed Amendment 1 on the ballot in Florida. Over the past few months, more than 185 organizations, local businesses, and elected officials have expressed opposition to this “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” There have also been 31 newspaper editorials from around the state shining a light on this misleading, power grab from Florida’s big monopoly utilities, who do not want their captive ratepayers to go solar.

Tricks from the monopoly utilities and their shady supporters

Many Floridians won’t recall all the skeletons in the closet of the big utilities’ Amendment 1 but we hope that one message rings clear: Amendment 1 will block the sun in the Sunshine State. This sham effort funded by the power companies will pave the way for punitive fees and charges for solar customers. It’s a dirty trick dressed up to look like a sunny solar amendment. This deception was recently confirmed by leaked audio from the James Madison Institute, a group who supports the misleading efforts. Once caught, the sham solar group scrubbed their website and social media channels of any connection to their former ally.

So solar supporters headed to the polls, heed the advice of one of the Florida Supreme Court Justices who opposed this phoney amendment in court: “Let the pro-solar energy consumers beware,” Justice Barbara Pariente warned last summer when the Florida Supreme Court voted 4-3 to allow the stalking horse amendment onto the ballot. “Masquerading as a pro-solar energy initiative, this proposed constitutional amendment, supported by some of Florida’s major investor-owned electric utility companies, actually seeks to constitutionalize the status quo.”

Don’t be fooled – Get Involved!

With early voting underway in several counties across Florida (and opening statewide on Oct. 29), now is the time to join the solar army and help push back against this $22 million deception campaign. They have millions of dollars…we have millions of people! Together we can WIN! Join us:

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