Have an uninformed climate change denier; there is an app for that

Stephen Smith | February 19, 2010 | Energy Policy

Ever find yourself in a debate with a climate change denier or anyone attempting to undermine the science behind global climate change? A new iPhone app offers a list of common skeptic arguments and what the science says on each argument.  Whenever you encounter a denier, you can easily refute their claims by choosing from a list of rebuttals actually founded in scientific data.

We’re not all scientists, and we don’t all have iPhones, but we are interested in learning about how to respond to a climate skeptic.  Real Climate, a website offering accurate climate information, has launched a wiki that can help us debunk popular climate nonsense we find in the media.

The site indexes op-ed pieces that are specifically written to confuse, obfuscate and abuse the science behind climate change. Under each article, there are links to rebuttals of specific arguments and overall critiques of the pieces. Next time you’re digging out of a major snowstorm and your neighbor snidely remarks, “So much for global warming,” you’ll know exactly how to respond.

Stephen Smith
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