Biking for SACE in the 2017 Red White and Blue Ridge Climate Ride

Guest Blog | August 31, 2017 | Climate Change, Events

Laura Reynolds, a consultant for SACE who works on Florida water and energy issues, has chosen to embark on an amazing bicycle journey through Climate Ride to raise awareness and funds for the environment! Climate Ride is a non-profit that organizes multi-day, multi-city charitable bicycle rides and hikes to address sustainability, climate and clean energy issues.

Starting September 24, Laura is riding hundreds of miles through the Blue Ridge Mountains from Virginia to Washington D.C. to ask our elected leaders to take climate change seriously and allow science to drive their decision making, not corporate lobbyists.

The Red White and Blue Ridge Climate Ride consists of over 100 cyclists pedaling for three days to raise money and awareness for organizations that are leading the nation in climate change, clean energy, active transportation, sustainability, and public health efforts.

Laura has chosen SACE as her beneficiary and has already raised almost $10,000! Her team’s goal is to raise $30,000 by the end of September. To make a donation, visit Laura’s page! For more information, visit

“I wanted to channel my negative energy following the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement into something lasting and positive. SACE is one of the most successful and influential environmental nonprofits in the Southeast, and with our help, they can continue to make a lasting impact and ensure a clean energy future.” Laura Reynolds, SACE Climate Ride Team Captain

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