Clean Energy Education & Environmental Action in Clayton County

Clayton County resident and Clean Energy Generation leader Rhudine Steele joined forces with SACE to advocate for clean energy, distributing Inflation Reduction Act handouts at the Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup.

Julian Harden | December 7, 2023 | Clean Energy Generation, Georgia, Utilities

On a crisp autumn Saturday in Clayton County, Georgia, residents of Jonesboro came together to take action to protect the environment. The venue for this gathering was the Swint Elementary School, a tranquil setting that provided an ideal backdrop for the day’s mission: the Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup. Kids, parents, and community members volunteered their time and energy with one purpose in mind—to restore and revitalize their local waterways by eliminating trash and debris.

The Rivers Alive Stream Cleanup was a tremendous success: it brought together volunteers from various backgrounds working tirelessly to remove waste from the local waterways. The transformation was remarkable, with cleaner and healthier waterways demonstrating the community’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

The event’s success also extended beyond the cleanup: it was a testament to the power of community collaboration in advancing environmental protection.

Rhudine Steele, a Clayton County resident and dedicated member of the Clean Energy Generation, wanted to ensure that as community members worked to clean up the environment, they were also aware of opportunities for boosting clean energy and eliminating fossil fuel pollution. Rhudine joined those of us from SACE at our table during the event where together we shared valuable insights and resources about new funding opportunities for home energy upgrades to save energy and reduce utility bills, and how to play a part in the Clean Energy Generation.

This information particularly appealed to many parents and community members drawn to lowering their utility costs while contributing to clean energy initiatives. Alongside Rhudine, I actively engaged with community members, especially parents. I shared information about tax credits and rebates that lower the costs of investing in energy efficiency upgrades to their homes through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). Most people we talked to had no idea about the IRA bill and the significant financial incentives they could take advantage of by investing in clean energy upgrades. 

During engaging conversations, we underscored the sustainable aspects of clean energy and the potential for households to reduce their energy use. The event was an avenue for environmental awareness and a platform for taking concrete steps toward a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future.

Working to create a sustainable legacy, one conversation at a time

Of all the materials we shared, fliers explaining the benefits of the IRA gained significant interest from community members. The tax incentives and rebates that the IRA offers for clean energy and energy efficiency upgrades in homes have the dual effect of empowering homeowners to make sustainable choices AND reducing energy costs.

In each conversation with community members, one discussion at a time, we are creating a cleaner future, together.

Join the Clean Energy Generation

We’re grateful to Rhudine and the parents, kids, and volunteers in Jonesboro who came together to clean up their waterways.  Together, we are part of the Clean Energy Generation movement. We’re creating healthier communities and a more secure and sustainable environment, starting now. No matter your age, income, zip code, or abilities, you can play a role. You don’t have to have the answers, learning more is a great way to start. Join us, and we’ll share ideas, resources, tools, and practices to show how we can all be part of the transformation.

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Julian Harden
This blog was written by a former staff member of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.
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