Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – Aug 24

Dory Larsen | August 24, 2018 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles
This week, Interesting Engineering highlights fourteen electric vehicles in What Are the Best Electric Cars of 2018? The article also takes a trip back-in-time sharing with readers a little history lesson on the early beginnings of electric vehicles.

Ken Kimmell, President of the Union of Concerned Scientists, offered up a piece called Union Of Concerned Scientists’ President: Electric Cars RockAs you might guess, the article is flattering of his new Bolt EV, but he also identifies ways to make the broad adoption of EVs happen faster.

Also, Hyundai has released their electric range rating by the EPA for their new Kona all-electric crossover and it’s sitting at the top of the class with 258 miles! Hyundai has not, however, offered what the pricing will be or when it will make its way to the US. We will have to wait and see.

Electric Trucks 
Beer drinkers in Brazil will soon be imbibing in a greener way! Brazilian brewery, Ambev, has committed to electrify its delivery fleet and placed an order to have one-third of its fleet electric by 2023. VW received the massive order of 1,600 all-electric trucks. The trucks are scheduled to begin production in 2020, but VW will start fulfilling the order this year as a ‘pilot’.

Today, August 24, is the last day to take action and comment on how South Carolina should spend the almost $34 million in VW ‘Dieselgate’ pollution recovery funds! The link to send a letter to Gov. McMaster requesting the money be invested in vehicle electrification and charging equipment, rather than spending the money on last-century fuels is here.

Proterra has been selected in an electric bus contract by the Georgia Department of Administrative Services. This means that transit agencies, universities and institutions can now purchase Proterra buses and charging stations directly from the Georgia state contract.  Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Tennessee also have similar contracts with the company.

Out west, Colorado’s Governor Hickenlooper, in response to the Federal emission standards freeze, has ordered an action aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions by requiring auto manufacturers to improve fuel efficiency. He did not address electric vehicles, however, Colorado’s air-quality-control commissioners voted in favor of developing a rule to require new light-duty vehicles to meet California’s miles-per-gallon standards for tailpipe pollution, and voted to direct staffers to propose a policy requiring manufacturers to sell more electric vehicles, and develop a penalty for non-compliance.

National Drive Electric Week will be kicking off on September 8!  The events which highlight the benefits of vehicles with plugs are taking place all over the South! 

Here are some events taking place on the first leg of the week:

Chattanooga, Sept. 8, 10 AM-3 PM, link here.
Knoxville, Sept. 8, Noon- 4 PM, link here.
Memphis, Sept. 9, 9 AM-4 PM, link here. 

North Carolina
Asheville, Sept 9, 12 PM-4 PM, link here.

Alpharetta, Sept. 8, 11 AM-4 PM, link here.

Sept. 8 Sarasota, 10 AM-3 PM, link here.
New Port Richey, 10 AM-2 PM link here.
Ft. Lauderdale, 10 AM-4 PM, link here.

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