Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – June 15

Dory Larsen | June 15, 2018 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles

Today marks the kickoff of one of the world’s most unifying events, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association FIFA World Cup in Russia!  I’m hoping to see some electric car ads while cheering along.  Still looking for that perfect Father’s Day gift? How about an Iceland national team shirt?  We may as well throw some support to the underdog nation as America is not in the cup this year.  While we’re cheering them on with friends, be sure you share some of this week’s EV news:

Team Volvo
Volvo is predicting half of their registrations to be full-electric by the mid-2020s.  This week Volvo announced new financial and operational ambitions including far more electrification, subscription service offerings, and a pivot away from traditional industry events.  

Team Kia
Could the Kia Niro EV be the next best selling EV?  The South Korean SUV is looking to be a game changer! With two trims offering 236 or 149 all-electric miles it’s surely one to watch.

Team Tesla
Tesla has announced $100/kWh Tesla battery cells this year and $100/kWh Tesla battery packs in 2020 which would mean EVs will be able to competitively compete in the ‘economy’ range of the market (around the $15,000 price point) by 2023.

Also, Tesla is currently recycling all of its spent batteries and intends to do more using a closed-loop system for battery recycling at all production plants.  

Team Honda
Check out this blog interview with Melissa, a proud new owner of a Honda Clarity. Read her testimony of the benefits of this plug-in hybrid vehicle which has a 48-mile all-electric range.

Team Texas
Texas has reinstated incentives for electric and alternative fuel cars!  Here’s hoping this welcome news will spread to nearby states and we will see a return of Georgia’s tax credit in 2019 too.

Team Georgia
Mark your calendars!  Georgia Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols is hosting the Clean Energy Roadshow. Upcoming dates and more information are available here.

Team USA
Has your senator ever driven an electric car? Does your senator know how fun it is to drive electric, how quiet the cars are, and how smooth the acceleration is? Now is his/her chance! Our partners at Plug In America are hosting a ride and drive on June 28th on Capitol Hill.  Encourage your senator to attend the event and learn more about why electric transportation is good for the economy and the environment.  

Dory Larsen
Dory joined the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in 2017 and was named Senior Electric Transportation Program Manager in 2023. She is working to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles…
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