Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – Nov 2

Dory Larsen | November 2, 2018 | Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles
US Electric Car Range Will Average 275 Miles By 2022, 400 Miles By 2028 — New Research (Part 1). Based on battery price decreases and historical range increases, this author predicts average range increases of 25 to 40 miles every two to three years for the next several years. Plus, check out the great charts to see how much range has improved.

Many people are surprised to learn that electric semi trucks are a thing. Are you curious as to how many manufacturers are working in the electric class 8 truck space? Read Factbox: Manufacturers’ Plans For Electric Big Rig Trucks to learn more. The number might surprise you!

Many experts agree that we are in the early phases of a transportation revolution. The article World’s 10 Biggest Automakers & Their EV Plans, explores which automakers are transitioning to EVs. Are any legacy car manufacturers plans aggressive enough?

Last week we wrote about Electrify America’s interoperability efforts. This week it’s Blink Charging Network Joins Interoperability Push: “Beginning in early 2019, all 135,000 users of the Blink charging network will soon be able to use other charging networks as part of their membership, while Blink’s chargers will be open to easy access by a wider range of drivers with other charging-network membership cards.”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper Sets Global Warming Goal To Cut NC Greenhouse Gas Emissions By 40 Percent. This goal prioritizes electric transportation calling for 80,000 electric cars and other zero-emission vehicles in North Carolina by 2025 and developing electric vehicle corridors and other infrastructure.

General Motors’ EV Plan May Sound Good, But it’s Bad News for Cars and Drivers. Here’s Why. The Union of Concerned Scientists offers their concerns about the recent announcement from GM for a “National Zero Emission Vehicle (NZEV) program.” They address the program head on stating, “A national EV effort should complement efficiency and emissions standards, not undermine them.”

Electric Vehicle Employment Opportunities 
The Electrification Coalition is now hiring for two positions. One is for a Program Manager for their Climate Mayors EV Purchasing Collaborative initiative. They are also looking to fill an EV Fellow position that is housed with the City of Atlanta’s Office of Resilience.

Also, the Forth team is looking to fill two positions: a Program Associate and a Program Manager. Applications should be submitted by Friday, November 16 to ensure full consideration!

Election Day Special
Uber Will Offer Free Rides To the Polls On Election Day
“Decisions get made by those who show up,” Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi wrote in a blog post. “This Election Day, Uber will be doing what we can to make it easier for people to do just that.”

Lyft Offering Discounted Rides to Polls on Election Day
Because over 15 million people cited transportation as their primary barrier to voting in the 2016 election, Lyft is introducing “The Ride to Vote.” Lyft will provide free and discounted rides to the Polls.

Floridians, Take the Time Vote Yes on 9!
Amendment 9 on the Florida ballot will prohibit drilling for oil or natural gas in Florida’s state waters (don’t get confused at the polls – it was bundled with adding tobacco vaping in the existing prohibition of tobacco smoking in enclosed indoor workplaces). Florida’s economy benefits from a healthy coast and needs protections from the serious threats posed by offshore drilling. Additionally, as electric vehicles take over the transportation sector, and the demand for oil is reduced, it makes sense that Florida’s Constitution is amended to ensure a permanent solution. Please, take the time – vote YES on 9!

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