Electric Vehicle Weekly News Roundup – Oct 26

Guest Blog and Dory Larsen | October 26, 2018 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles

Electric Vehicles

Ohio based electric vehicle manufacturer Workhorse is delivering on delivery vans! New 100-mile Electric Van Matches Diesel Vans On Price, Workhorse Says. Workhorse CEO Stephen S. Burns said that the van would have “an off-the-lot cost on par with traditional fuel delivery vehicles, and substantial savings from there.”

This Electric Truck Claims To Fully Recharge Within 13 Minutes. Atlis Motor Vehicles is testing their pickup truck with a claimed “best ultra-fast charging time in the EV industry.” Pickup trucks and SUV crossovers dominate the American market right now so this could be just the thing to bring more drivers to go electric!


Google Maps Integrates EV Charging. Open up Google Maps and type in “EV charging” and you will now see information on global EV charging stations, including SemaConnect, EVgo, ChargePoint and Blink Charging stations in the U.S. This kind of seamless integration into apps most drivers already use makes driving electric even easier.

Electrify America Signs Deal For “Interoperable” EV Charging. Interoperability is the concept that drivers can charge at any station with a single payment method and that the charging stations can communicate equally with vehicles. “Drivers will now be able to roam between charging networks without the need for additional cards or accounts,” said Brendan Jones, the chief operating officer at Electrify America. Having fewer charging system cards on one’s keyring makes driving electric simpler.

A 14-Year-Long Oil Spill In The Gulf of Mexico Verges On Becoming One Of the Worst In U.S. History. It is important for consumers to make the connection between reducing our oil demand and electric vehicles. Shifting to EVs is one of the best ways to say ‘no more’ to offshore drilling and demand a shift to renewably sourced electricity to fuel our vehicles.

Here’s Which States Are Best For Owning An Electric Car. According to Forbes, not a single southeastern state makes the grade when compared by the ratio of charging stations to the general population. Our region must do better!

New Republican Bill Could Remove Federal Tax Credit Cap For EVs After Tesla Hits 200k. There are now three competing bills addressing the federal tax credit for EVs, making for a confusing situation in predicting its ultimate fate.

CleanTechnica’s 2018 EV reportElectric Car Drivers: Demands, Desires, and Dreams is now available. For the third version of the report, the publishers at CleanTechnica probe opinions of over 2,000 electric car drivers in North America and Europe and also surveyed over 1,000 people who don’t yet have an electric car.

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