Engaging on Energy: Georgia’s EV Success Being Threatened

Amy Vaden | March 11, 2015 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles, Energy Policy

Georgia is currently #2 in the country for all electric vehicle (EV) sales, and #1 in the country specifically for Nissan LEAF sales! The state’s success is thanks in large part to Georgia’s very favorable “Alternative Fuels Tax Credit,” which provides a $5,000 credit to anyone who purchases or leases a battery-powered EV in the state. As one of the strongest in the country, this tax credit has already helped Georgia drivers save 4.5 million gallons of gasoline and put an extra $10 million back into the state’s economy. These numbers represent real, tangible health and economic benefits for Georgians through EV use.

But in the face of this laudable success, some state legislators are threatening to repeal the credit during the current 2015 Georgia legislative session (which runs from January 12 through April 2).


SACE’s outreach and advocacy helped thwart similar efforts to remove Georgia’s tax credit last year, and we are actively working to stop new attacks this year. Our efforts will help ensure that this critical credit remains a strong incentive for Georgians to embrace this new technology, which we believe is a critical part of a plan to reduce our country’s emissions and oil use by up to half over the next 20 years.

SACE is actively engaged with a coalition of businesses, manufacturers and other advocates in Georgia to provide solutions to some of the critics’ concerns with the current credit and provide data on the benefits the credit provides to the state. Some modifications to the current policy may be necessary, but we want to make sure the resulting credit continues to incentivize the purchases of EVs in Georgia.

To learn more about EVs in general, and especially about the economic benefits they offer for Georgians, check out a recent blog written by SACE Clean Fuels Director and proud Nissan LEAF owner Anne Blair. If you live in Georgia, join us in fighting for strong incentives for EV owners by contacting your state representatives and senators to urge them to keep the tax credit in place!

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