Georgia Power Is Going Big on EVs

Guest Blog | June 3, 2015 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles
Earlier this year, Georgia Power announced a new $12 million electric vehicle transportation initiative. The program currently includes a residential charging infrastructure rebate program, workplace charging rebates, the installation of charging stations at several sites across the state and the addition of 32 Chevrolet Volts to their company fleet. Georgia Power is also offering an alternative “Time of Use (TOU)” rate plan for electric vehicle (EV) owners.

To top it off, they recently launched a public education campaign, Get Current. Drive Electric.TM that is quite clever. We are thrilled to see the overall transition and messaging behind Georgia Power’s campaign and effort to support electric vehicles (EVs). Combined with their recent solar initiatives, it’s getting cleaner to drive an EV in Georgia every day.

In case you haven’t seen them yet, check out some of the initiative’s new ads and testimonials below and consider purchasing an EV for your next vehicle. Georgia’s current state tax credit for low emissions vehicles will be available only through June 30, 2015, so get it while you can. The federal tax credit will still be available. For more information on the environmental and economic benefits of EVs on electric vehicles, click here. For most of us who already drive an EV, there’s no turning back.

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