Good News for Aspiring Solar Installers in North Carolina & Florida

Renewable energy jobs are on the rise nationally, with solar panel installation showing up as the fastest growing job in eight states, including Florida and North Carolina, in January 2019.

Amy Vaden | February 7, 2019 | Florida, North Carolina, Solar
Source: Projections Central, 2017-2019 Projections, Bureau of Labor Statistics (via Yahoo! Finance)

Solar installers are in high demand nationally, but especially in eight states where they rank the highest in job growth rate, according to Yahoo! Finance, including our own Southeastern states North Carolina and Florida.

The icing on the cake is that this field will enjoy a growth rate “much faster than average” over the next five to seven years, during which time the workforce will double nationally. Wind turbine technician tops the charts in four other states, making renewable energy the fastest growing job market in nearly 25% of US states.

More Growth on the Way

This forecasted job growth is great news for our economy, especially since it presents a needed opportunity for technically trained workers in the field. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, “[t]he continued expansion and adoption of solar panel installations will result in excellent job opportunities for qualified individuals, particularly those who complete photovoltaic training courses at a community college or technical school.” 

Successful job training programs will be a major key to this growth, which will boost our local economies AND provide us with clean, safe energy that helps protect our air and water quality. SACE is proud to play a role in expanding the renewable energy industry by supporting programs and policies that advance fair and equitable policies that will benefit our communities and our environment. Learn more here!



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