New Role for Forest Bradley-Wright in the Southeast Region

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Guest Blog | April 13, 2018 | Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy

Since joining the Alliance for Affordable Energy in 2005, Forest Bradley-Wright has been a tireless force working to improve Louisiana’s energy landscape in nearly every way imaginable.

From his early days running post-Katrina energy efficiency re-building efforts, while organizing renewable energy and energy efficiency industry groups and launching job training programs; to his leadership spearheading the development of numerous policies that have increased investments in clean energy throughout the state; Forest has been a champion for lowering customer bills while moving Louisiana towards a brighter energy future.

​In the coming months, Forest will be expanding his scope to the regional level as he transitions to a new role as the Energy Efficiency Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE).

SACE was founded in 1983 and the Alliance was founded in 1985. Both organizations share a strong alignment in history, mission, and strategy. As Forest assumes his new role, we at the Alliance look forward to continuing our working relationships, leveraging our shared strengths and finding new opportunities for collaboration with SACE to further energy efficiency policies across the Southeast.

Forest’s new work will be aimed at finding, amplifying, and replicating local Demand Side Management Policies and Integrated Resource Planning successes across state lines in the Carolines, Florida, Georgia, and TVA while continuing to provide his expertise to proceedings in Louisiana and the MISO South states.

“We are excited to have Forest join SACE, bringing experience at the local and statewide levels. This is a great fit for SACE, because our regional approach is most effective when we have a solid understanding of local issues,” said John Wilson, research director for SACE.

​As a new member of the SACE team, Forest will remain a resident in New Orleans and joins fellow SACE advocate Simon Mahan of Lafayette here in the MISO South region.

“I see tremendous untapped energy efficiency potential in the Southeast,” said Forest Bradley-Wright. “I am thrilled to join my new colleagues at SACE and allies across the region to accelerate progress towards a cleaner more affordable energy future. I also look forward to continued collaboration with the Alliance for Affordable Energy as we find new ways to leverage local successes and regional momentum.” ​

“We are proud to see Forest’s expertise sought after at the regional level. His dedication and measured approach have been a driving force in developing the policies needed to solve Louisiana’s most critical energy concerns. The state will continue to benefit from Forest’s strategic vision, and we have gained another network of clean energy allies.” said Logan Burke, Executive Director for the Alliance for Affordable Energy.

With Forest’s pending departure, the Alliance is seeking to hiring an experienced policy director to focus on energy regulation in New Orleans. The Job Description can be found here. ​

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