Halloween Costume Guide: The Tricks and Treats of Fighting for Clean Energy

Guest Blog | October 26, 2015 | Clean Transportation, Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy, Extreme Weather, Nuclear, Solar, Wind

This blog was written by Alissa Jean Schafer and Sarah Gilliam, with creative contributions from Angela Garrone and Sara Barczak.

Here at SACE, we work very hard to move the Southeast towards clean energy solutions, but we also like to help out in other fun ways, such as assisting readers with last minute, thought-provoking Halloween costumes.

We put our heads together to come up with some fun costume ideas to shake things up. And who knows, maybe this list will inspire you to evaluate how your own family produces and consumes energy. We give bonus points for sticking to a clean energy theme, because there’s nothing like a Halloween costume to spark some climate action conversations with your friends and family.

Happy Halloween! Enjoy our treats of clean energy (or the tricks of dirty energy if you dare!):

The Treats of Clean Energy

The Efficienator – Equipped with unlimited caulk and insulation for high dollar energy savings. Warning he/she does get cranky when folks leave the light on after they’ve left the room.

Pope Francis – The head of the Catholic Church has been moonlighting as an environmental spokesperson as of late. Why not embrace the conversation with a white robe and cassock? Bonus points for making a tall pope hat doubling as a thermometer to track the rising temperature.


Windy Woman – Comes with amazing wind energy generating skills and looks cool while doing so. Could live offshore or on land. Theme song: “Dust in the Wind” by Kansas.

Lady or Sir E.V. – You can get creative with this one, either dressing up as the electric vehicle (EV, get it?) charging station with recycled boxes and a fake cord. Or turn it into a couple’s costume – one person is the EV station and the other is a cool, EV car getting charged!

The Energizer Sunny – We all remember the commercials of the cute, pink bunny wearing sunglasses, banging on a drum. Well swap out the bunny for a Sun Costume and the drum for a solar panel. Sunglasses optional but encouraged to look cool, even though you’re the hot sun.


The Tricks of Dirty Energy

Nuclear Reactor River Fish – Find a fish costume. Add a third eye. Put a nuclear waste warning on your back. Done.

Hottest Day on Record – You’ll need to wear your pun-hat for this one. Find an old box and create a round circle that you looks like a record, as in, the old vinyls used to play music. Then, dress in orange, red, yellow, or a combination of those colors and write “hottest day” on the shirt.

Sea Level Rise Man – Flooding one beach community at a time through climate denial. Grab scuba gear, life jackets, children’s floaties, sandbags for your basement…or all of the above.

Bleached Coral Reef – For those with literally less than 10 minutes to spare on a costume, grab a white sheet, cut holes for eyes, and write “bleached coral reef” on the front and back. You’re right, this sounds an awful lot like a ghost costume, thus the need for the writing.

Polar Bear Skeleton – If you are a fan of the more morbid and legitimately scary side of Halloween, go with a traditional skeleton body costume, but with a polar bear mask. Lighten the mood by adding snorkel gear to the bear head.

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