Calling All Coast Lovers! Sign Up Today To Protect Our Coast From Offshore Drilling

Chris Carnevale | February 21, 2017 | Energy Policy, Offshore Drilling
Calling all coast lovers! Your help is needed in making May 20, 2017 the biggest ever day of action to show opposition to offshore drilling. The 8th annual Hands Across the Sand events will be taking place on Saturday, May 20 in communities all over the world to proclaim the simple message of “No to offshore drilling and dirty fossil fuels, and yes to clean energy.”

The event is simple: people gather at their local beach or other treasured place and at noon, everyone joins hands to form a line, a physical and metaphorical line in the sand, that demonstrates our desire to protect our treasured places from the impacts of offshore drilling and other risky fossil fuels.

For years, residents and businesses along the South Atlantic coast have pushed back on proposals for oil and gas development along our coastline. In 2016, we defeated efforts to open Atlantic drilling and conduct seismic airgun blasting to search for offshore oil and gas in the Atlantic. Now we must continue to demonstrate to our elected officials that our coast is not for sale.

We are hoping to have dozens of events take place in the Southeast, so would you consider hosting an event in your community? Hosting an event is easy and satisfying and there are lots of resources to help make it simple for you. Please sign up to host your event at

Are you not feeling up to hosting an event, but want to join an already existing? If so, then sign up here on our “pledge to protect the coast from offshore drilling” form and we will email you with details on how to find your local event in advance of May 20.

We hope you will join us on the beach on May 20 as we stand with our neighbors to protect our coast.


Chris Carnevale
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