Join Hands to Protect Our Treasured Places!

Chris Carnevale | March 19, 2014 | Climate Change, Energy Policy
Folly Beach Hands Across the Sand Gathering
The mayor of Folly Beach, SC, Tim Goodwin, joins hands to protect the coast from the impacts of offshore drilling.

For the past four years, there has been one annual worldwide grassroots event that has championed the cause of clean energy as a replacement to risky fossil fuels: Hands Across the Sand. Since 2010, Hands events have brought thousands of communities together to stand up for their most treasured places in all 50 states and in 44 countries around the world. The gatherings are simple… at 12:00 noon, in any time zone, participants join hands to form a line as long as possible at their local beach, river, lake, park, or other treasured place. This chain of people is both a physical and metaphorical line in the sand, making a statement that these people are standing up for the protection of this place from the impacts of risky fossil fuels. Offshore oil spills, coal ash spills, coal-related chemical leaks, fracking pollution, and climate change–all of these phenomena show that risky fossil fuels must be replaced by clean energy and Hands Across the Sand has been leading the grassroots charge to show this to the world.

SACE is proud to have been a sponsor of Hands Across the Sand each year since it was started in 2010, and we are equally proud to announce the opening of the Hands season for 2014. Hands Across the Sand events will take place worldwide on May 17 and event registrations are now live at Even more exciting, is that Hands just launched its first-ever fundraiser via Indiegogo. Please watch the video and decide how you can participate–whether you decide to sign up to host an event, spread the word through social media or make a financial contribution. How ever you get involved, know that you are helping to be part of the solution and make our world a better place. Read on, below the fold, to find out more about the three ways you can help.

Here’s what you can do to be a part of the solution (adapted from the Hands Indiegogo page):

1. Take the Pledge. You can say NO to dirty fuels, and YES to clean energy by attending an event on May 17.  Take the pledge now to host an event or find one to attend near you at  It is easy to host an event and there are resources to help make yours a success. The outcome of Hands is entirely dependent on dedicated people, who make the difference by organizing events and getting the word out about Hands Across the Sand.

2. Donate to the cause, even if just $1. Hands is a truly grassroots event, but there are still costs. You can be a part of the solution, by donating to help Hands meet its $10,000 goal in order to host more events, boost social media outreach, and make a bigger impact. Donate here.

3. Spread the word. Tell your friends, family, and everyone you can about the global events taking place on May 17 and this fundraising campaign. Invite everyone you can think of who might like to participate in a Hands Across the Sand event and make sure to invite media and elected officials, like your mayor and city councilors. “Like” Hands Across the Sand on Facebook and share their posts to help spread the word.

Remember, YOU can make a difference. Be part of the solution.

Chris Carnevale
Chris is SACE’s Climate Advocacy Director. Chris joined the SACE staff in 2011 to help with building public understanding and engagement around clean energy solutions to the climate crisis. Chris…
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