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Guest Blog | May 27, 2014 | Clean Transportation

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASACE’s Clean Energy Biofuels retail fueling station in Atlanta, GA is one of the 30+ participants collaborating on the “longest biofuels corridor on the planet.”

June 9-13, 2014 marks the five-year celebration of the I-75 Green Corridor Project – read more about it in our June 9 press release here.

The I-75 Green Corridor project aims to make the 1,786 miles of the U.S. interstate I-75 traversable using either two biofuels: E85 ethanol or B20 biodiesel.

Between 2009-2014, the project has added 26 E85 stations and nine B20 stations in all six of the corridor states. Since the project’s inception, over 3.3 million gallons of biofuels have been sold from stations associated with the project, and 2.6 million gallons of petroleum have been displaced. The project has now displaced over 61,000 barrels of oil, or alternatively, the U.S. has now produced over 61,000 additional barrels of renewable, American fuel!

This also equates to:

  • 25,222 tons of CO2 emissions avoided,
  • Eliminating the annual CO2 emissions from 4,817 U.S. passenger vehicles
  • The amount of carbon sequestered by 18,946 acres of U.S. forests in one year
  • Switching 604,604 incandescent lamps to compact fluorescent lamps, or
  • The energy used by 2,109 homes for one year.

To learn about the project, visit www.CleanFuelsCorridor.com or to learn more about our biodiesel fueling station, go here.

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