Learning the Importance of Environmental Assessment Analysis for a Career in Clean Energy

During my summer internship at SACE, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of professional growth, which will prepare me for a future working to reduce humanity's carbon footprint.

Guest Blog | August 13, 2021 | Energy Justice, Energy Policy, Utilities

Godfred Gakpetor, a Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) doctorate student, was a summer energy policy intern with the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy in 2021. Godfred is a native of Ghana and now a Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University (FAMU) doctorate student. His background studying environmental science and agribusiness led to his desire to dive deeper into clean energy policies and practices in the Southeast through the internship with SACE.

My summer internship with SACE has been rewarding and motivational. During this time, I’ve experienced a tremendous amount of personal and professional growth. My mentor and supervisor, Maggie Shober, board members and the entire SACE utility team were very supportive and compassionate throughout this entire journey. I also had the opportunity to connect with members outside SACE who are in clean energy that supported my growth in the industry, both directly and indirectly.

My professional skills were strengthened when I received the task of writing my first soon-to-be-published white paper, “Analysis of Select Utilities Passing Fuel Costs and Risks on to Customers.” While working on this assignment, I was challenged with time management as well as organizational and communication skills. Learning to communicate with my supervisor, Maggie, and the utility team played a major role in achieving the success of publishing my first paper.

Researching Clean Energy to Reduce Carbon Footprints

This internship opportunity has also expanded my network to include members outside of SACE who are just as passionate about clean and affordable energy. I’m so fortunate to have been given the opportunity to join the “Fuel pass-through” accelerator team convened by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). This amazing team aims to reduce cost burdens on consumers driven by the fluctuation of the prices of fuel used to generate electricity.

I am now more equipped to conduct research, collect data, and complete analysis. My writing and publishing skills are also stronger, as I was given the opportunity to write and publish blogs. Writing blogs strengthened my personal growth because writing has allowed me the opportunity to research and publish information that will positively impact the world.

Working with SACE has provided me with the confidence to continue growing and developing as an environmental assessment analyst. Maggie and the entire SACE team have equipped me with the knowledge and skills required to become successful in researching clean energy to reduce carbon footprint. I’m extremely excited to see where my future takes me.

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