New EPA GHG Tool and Top 11 Coal Plant Polluters

Guest Blog | January 16, 2012 | Climate Change, Coal, Energy Efficiency, Energy Policy, Utilities

Last week EPA released a very comprehensive tool by which any member of the public can now easily see just how much global warming pollution their neighborhood coal plant is emitting. Many of the largest GHG emitters are not surprisingly right here in the Southeast. Below is a reposted blog from National Wildlife Federation’s Kendall Mackey. Also, a comprehensive NY Times article can be found here about the excellent new resource.

Top 11 Coal Plant Polluters for 2011


Polluters have been denying their effect on climate change for too long. One of the reasons that power plants have been able to get away with the amount of greenhouse gas emissions(GHG) is largely in part because we are unable to see all of the pollution with our own eyes.

But what if greenhouse gas emissions weren’t invisible?

This year, power plants will no longer be able to deny what we can now see–they are polluting the air we breathe. Even in areas where asthma rates are directly correlated to a near-by power plant, they still deny their role in diminishing our public health. But now the EPA has released a new GHG reporting program that allows people to see the amount of pollution in their backyards.

How Much Do Power Plants Pollute Your State?

“The GHG Reporting Program data provides a critical tool for businesses and other innovators to find cost- and fuel-saving efficiencies that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and foster technologies to protect public health and the environment.”

–Gina McCarthy, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation


The Worst Offenders: Top 11 Carbon Polluters for 2011

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1. Scherer coal plant in Juliette, Georgia. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 22,800,875 MtCO2e.

2. Bowen coal plant in Cartersville, Georgia. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 20,863,476 MtCO2e.

3. Miller coal plant in Quinton, Alabama. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 20,595,125 MtCO2e.

4. Martin Lake coal plant in Tatum, Texas. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 18,603,904 MtCO2e.

5. Gibson coal plant in Owensville, Indiana.Total greenhouse gas emissions: 17,853,899 MtCO2e.

6. Monroe coal plant in Monroe, Michigan. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 17,714,052 MtCO2e.

7. Labadie coal plant in Labadie, Missouri. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 17,233,324 MtCO2e.

8. Colstrip coal plant in Colstrip, Montana. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 16,994,687 MtCO2e.

9. Gen J M Gavin coal plant in Cheshire, Ohio. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 16,744,942 MtCO2e.

10. Rockport coal plant in Rockport, Indiana. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 16,539,699 MtCO2e.

11. W A Parish coal plant in Thompson, Texas. Total greenhouse gas emissions: 16, 459,497 MtCO2e.

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