New Video Postcard and Call-in Day for Coastal Georgia

Guest Blog | May 12, 2009 | Energy Policy

If you live in coastal Georgia, we need your help TODAY – May 12! We are releasing this powerful new “video postcard” of citizen requests to Congressman Jack Kingston (GA District 1) asking him to support strong national climate and clean energy/efficiency initiatives. This video is being hand delivered as a DVD to Rep. Kingston’s district offices Valdosta, Brunswick, Baxley, and Savannah as well as to his D.C. office.

We are coupling the delivery of the video postcards with a call-in day targeting Congressman Jack Kingston (District 1) and Congressman John Barrow (District 12) – both are pivotal in moving Georgia and our nation toward a clean energy future – and your call is URGENT TODAY as decisions on the bill under consideration are happening as we write! These leaders must be encouraged to push the House into acting responsibly by supporting a goal that will truly create a market for clean, safe renewable energy that can boost Georgia’s struggling economy and put our over 440,000 unemployed back to work.

Please take just a few minutes and pick up the phone TODAY if you are in District 1 or 12 of Georgia! Here are the numbers and more information for you when you call:

Kingston’s Washington, DC Office Phone: (202) 225-5831

Barrow’s Washington, DC Office Phone: (202) 225-2823

This week, Congress is taking a hard look at the American Clean Energy & Security Act – a piece of legislation that could generate millions of clean energy jobs, break our dependence on fossil fuels, help Americans reduce their energy use and reduce the carbon pollution that causes global warming. We know that Congress may decide the fate of this Act by the end of May and we need support TODAY from our Congressional representatives. The Southeast is one of the most critical regions in the nation for advancing national climate and energy policy – we need your voices!

Last week we posted this blog piece on the Am. Clean Energy and Security Act and referenced and challenged Congressman Barrow’s statement:

Rep. Barrow of Georgia declared that you could “pick the state (of Georgia) clean of trees” and not meet the proposed renewable energy mandates, yet Georgia’s biomass and offshore wind potential alone could replace a modest 25% of the coal currently imported and burned for electricity.

We know that clean energy is a viable and realistic alternative (view Yes We Can and WRI reports) for Georgia and the Southeast. It’s time that Congress pass this comprehensive energy and climate legislation that creates jobs, strengthens our security, protects public health and protects the planet. Further delay is no longer an option and we need leaders from Georgia! Now is the time for action, so please call Representatives Barrow and Kingston today!

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