New Websites Launched To Engage Florida Solar and Climate Voters

Chris Carnevale | July 16, 2018 | Elections, Florida, Solar

SACE is happy to announce we have launched two websites to engage Florida voters who believe we need to prioritize solar energy and climate change policy. Hot off the presses are and

The websites are intended to reach out to Floridians who care about solar or climate change and help make it easier for them to vote in this November’s election. The websites feature four main features: 1) get registered to vote; 2) sign up to vote by mail; 3) get a reminder to vote when election day approaches; and 4) resources to learn more about the voting process.

The websites are available in both English and Spanish.

We hope that Floridians who care about solar or climate change will use these websites to make it easier for themselves and their friends and family to vote. Online voter registration is new to Florida as of last fall, and it provides an easy way for you to get registered to vote and for you to encourage your friends and family to get registered to vote.

Florida has much at stake with the impacts of global warming becoming more visible each year. We still have a ways to go to live up to our name of the Sunshine State when it comes to solar energy. The elections this November are critical to securing a safe, healthy environment and a prosperous economy for generations to come.

So please take a moment to visit or to either register to vote, vote by mail, or get voting reminders, and please share these websites with your friends and families and on Facebook and on Twitter – here’s a sample post/tweet for each:

Love #solar? Ready to #vote for solar-loving candidates? Check your registration & request your mail-in-ballot! #gotv #FL #solarvoter

Concerned about #climatechange? Ready to #vote for pro-climate candidates? Check your registration & request your mail-in ballot! #gotv #FL #climatevoter

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