North Charleston Proclaims Support for Offshore Wind Energy

Chris Carnevale | October 11, 2013 | Energy Policy, Wind
The City of North Charleston proclaimed support for offshore wind energy at last night’s City Council meeting as Mayor Keith Summey presented a proclamation listing many benefits of wind energy and how the City is positioned to benefit from the industry’s further development.

Some highlights of the proclamation include recognition that North Charleston is well suited to meet the workforce and infrastructure needs for offshore wind development, the important role that Clemson University’s Wind Turbine Drivetrain Testing Facility is playing in advancing wind energy in South Carolina, and that the development of offshore wind power in South Carolina would create good jobs, boost energy independence, and keep more of our energy dollars in-state.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey Presenting Offshore Wind Advancement Proclamation to Chris Carnevale
North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey presenting the offshore wind advancement proclamation to SACE Coastal Climate & Energy Coordinator, Chris Carnevale

The proclamation also invites wind industry firms to come to North Charleston to do business, states support for the construction of a demonstration offshore wind farm, and urges state leadership, such as the General Assembly and Governor Haley to promote policies favorable to offshore wind development.

This proclamation makes North Charleston the third municipality in South Carolina to officially state support for the development of offshore wind energy development, along with North Myrtle Beach and Charleston. Given the large economic impact that offshore wind development could have on our state (potentially a multi-billion dollar impact) and the massive source of domestic clean energy to power our growth, we hope that our utilities and state and federal leaders are taking notice.

North Charleston Offshore Wind Energy Advancement Proclamation

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