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Guest Blog | March 24, 2011 | Climate Change, Energy Policy, Events

This post was authored by Dan Cannon, Florida Organizer for the Southern Energy Network, a program of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

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On April 15th – 18th, I will be surrounded by over 10,000 young climate activists in Washington D.C.  Power Shift 2011 is going down, and, just like the two previous Power Shift conferences, this year promises to be historic.  But before you attend this historic event you need to make sure you and as many young people as possible are registered. On Monday March 28th, the registration fee jumps from $65 – $80 for students and youth.  We want the grassroots community to get to Power Shift as cheaply as possible. So, make sure you register by Sunday, March 27th, 11:59pm.

To give you a quick taste, here are a few people who will be there: Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa Jackson; Former Vice President Al Gore; Green Jobs Guru Van Jones; and founder of, premier climate activist and writer Bill McKibben.  This in addition to the Art Fair, Jobs and Organization Fair, grassroots training supported by the New Organizing Institute, D.C. energy efficiency canvass, state break outs, toxic tours, lobbying, rallying, live music, and much more are sure to make Power Shift 2011 the best one yet!

This year’s Power Shift could not be happening at a more important time.  The progressive front is in a frenzy.  Young people are leading peaceful revolutions in the Middle East, states like Ohio and Wisconsin are rallying for workers rights, and most importantly our clean air and water is under attack.  Currently three bills in Congress target our beloved and much needed EPA, one bill calls for slashing the EPA budget to smithereens. The other two would reverse a Supreme Court order that gives the EPA authority to regulate greenhouse gas emissions, which are causing global warming.

For young people who envision an economy built by green jobs and powered by clean, safe, renewable energy, Power Shift 2011 is our moment. We can no longer sit back and allow our air and water to be polluted by large corporations. We can no longer sit back and let companies like the Koch Industries buy our decision makers’ votes. Power Shift 2011 will unite the progressive grassroots community. We will come together to draw a line in the sand and take back what is ours: a government that represents people, not polluters.

I am so excited to be working with young people across the Southeast. For a year and a half I have organized student voices with Southern Energy Network and Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. I am more energized than ever about the unbridled enthusiasm I’m seeing from young people all over the country for Power Shift 2011 and I know the south will be well represented.

To give you a few highlights, Florida already has four charter buses lined up; students at the University of Georgia got their school to fully sponsor 10 students; Alabama is using Power Shift to unite, grow, and solidify their state network; Clemson University in South Carolina is on the verge of confirming 30 students; and youth in Tennessee plan on bringing a veggie-powered bus to the conference.

Make sure you join the southern forces at Power Shift 2011 and register before the regular registration period ends this Sunday at 11:59pm! Power Shift will change your life.  I do this work because of Power Shift 2007. You don’t want to miss this historic moment when we will come together to let our governmental leaders and the dirty corporations know we will no longer sit back and watch our world burn.


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