Protect Our Environment, Protect NEPA

Kate Tracy | March 9, 2020 | Climate Change, Energy Policy

The Trump administration recently moved to significantly undercut the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and roll back this necessary environmental protection.

Submit a comment now to protect NEPA, and protect our environment. 

This critical law is one of the few environmental safeguards for considering the long term impacts of major federal decisions, such as projects undertaken by the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) or permits issued for offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic. Under these changes, fewer projects would require review under NEPA and the focus of NEPA review would shift from long-term environmental impacts to only direct and immediate impacts, severely limiting our ability to block projects based on climate concerns.

If this rule takes effect it will inevitably lead to more environmental destruction and higher carbon emissions that contribute to climate change and jeopardize public health.

But we haven’t lost yet.

Right now through March 10th, there is a public comment period where we can make our voices heard and demand the Trump Administration withdraw this dangerous rule.


Use the talking points below when submitting your comment:

  • NEPA is a bedrock environmental law that is critically important for avoiding unintended consequences from federal decisions.
  • Rolling back NEPA standards will limit consideration of long-term and cumulative environmental impacts, leading to damage to local communities and ecosystems.
  • NEPA is about more than just environmental protection–it is about public participation. NEPA is often the only way that local residents have an opportunity to voice their opinions on projects that may significantly affect their community. Limiting the scope of NEPA and limiting what types of comments people can submit will shut people out from providing valuable public commentary.
  • The proposed NEPA changes are like putting blinders on the federal decision-making process: intentionally shutting out information that is necessary for understanding the impacts of decisions of the federal government.
  • The proposed changes undercut the NEPA process and would lead to dangerous projects moving forward and harming our health and our economies.
  • The NEPA process as it currently is working as it should, protecting community health all across the country, and therefore should not be changed.
Kate Tracy
This blog was written by a former staff member of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.
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