Six Inspiring Stories of Clean Energy Solutions in the Southeast

Ashleigh Sherman | February 6, 2024 | Clean Energy Generation, Clean Transportation, Energy Efficiency, Solar

The Clean Energy Generation is making progress every day here in the Southeast. From microgrids that erase Florida residents’ energy bills to 400 new EV charging ports in Georgia to turning a North Carolina landfill into a solar farm, our clean energy future is becoming a reality. Take a look at just six of the many inspiring signs of clean energy adoption in the Southeast we’ve seen this winter.

Middle photo courtesy of IBEW Local 46; right photo of Hunters Point, courtesy of The Washington Post

Program gives rural Tennesseans chance to test drive EVs for two weeks

Rural Reimagined is driving change in rural Appalachia. This electrifying program allows rural residents, including Tennesseans, to test drive an EV for at least two weeks in order to decide if an EV is right for them. In addition to loaning EVs to rural Appalachians, the program also aims to install over 200 charging stations across the region, where finding EV chargers can currently be a challenge. Read more.

Tonya Hicks blazes path for female electricians & provides ‘ShEV’ charging stations

Only 2% of electricians in the U.S are female and only 8% are African American. Georgia’s Tonya Hicks broke barriers when she became the first female Journeyman Wireman in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Hick’s Power Solutions Electrical Contracting works to provide ‘ShEV’ charging stations. While many EV chargers are located behind buildings, Hicks’ charging stations are found in well-lit areas, making them safer for women and seniors. Read more.

Why residents don’t have to pay electric bills in this Florida community

In Hunters Point, Florida, the world’s first LEED Zero Energy certified residential development, every single house produces more electricity than it uses. That’s because each of the homes boasts 14 solar panels, a home battery, and energy efficient appliances. One couple’s house produces twice as much power as it consumes, allowing them to use the extra electricity to charge their battery before selling the rest back to the grid. They have yet to receive a power bill. Read more.

Middle photo of the New Hanover County landfill, courtesy of Joe Suleyman; right photo of the Whitehaven neighborhood in Memphis, courtesy of Ashli Blow

$6M grant will bring up to 400 new EV charging ports to Georgia, 100 to metro Atlanta

Charging infrastructure is key in the transition to electric vehicles. That’s why $620 million in federal grants will fund an estimated 7,500 charging ports across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. $6 million will go to Georgia, where the money is expected to fund 400 new charging ports, increasing charging access for 6 million people in over 100 cities, with an emphasis on areas where EV charging is scarce. Read more.

Turning wasteland to energy: New Hanover County plans solar farm in landfill

Turning waste into watts. North Carolina’s New Hanover County landfill will soon be home to a solar farm. Once completed, the three acres of solar panels will generate enough energy to power up to 2,000 homes. In addition to making use of previously underutilized land, the development also aligns with the county’s FY 2024-2028 strategic plan, which calls upon the county to reduce its carbon footprint and utilize innovative energy solutions. Read more.

An overlooked climate solution unfolds in Memphis’ energy challenges

In the face of all-time power demand, conservation alerts, and subfreezing temperatures, making energy efficiency improvements is more important than ever. MLGW is taking an innovative approach. The utility’s Share The Pennies program helps low-income residents weatherize their homes at no cost to them. Though the most recent enrollment period has already closed, interested residents can sign up to receive a notification when the next application period opens. Read more.

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These stories highlight just a few of the positive solutions that are making an impact in the Southeast! Every day we see signs of hope and progress in the clean energy transition. The Clean Energy Generation is creating a future powered by clean energy that leads to clean air and water, good jobs, and vibrant communities.

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