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Guest Blog | November 24, 2014 | Energy Policy

This blog was written by SACE Communications Intern, Heather Brinton.

With the start of the holidays just around the corner, let’s take a minute to reflect on the progress that has been made in the energy field since the 20th century, and let’s pause to be thankful for clean energy options that are becoming more available and accessible to us everyday.

Kingston coal ash spill

Our society has been built on sweat and hard work of Americans making the best use of the energy available to them; our country thrived and grew exponentially on coal and oil in the 1900s. However, over time the repercussions of the excessive use of these harmful fuels have been revealed in events such as the Kingston coal ash spill, or more recently the coal ash spill into the Dan River. Fortunately we now have an opportunity to continue building our society using cleaner, more sustainable energy alternatives – and that is certainly something to celebrate this Thanksgiving.

In the recent years a surge of eco-friendly energy solutions have been developed or reinvented; solutions that harness the energy that the earth provides and replenishes, such as solar, hydro, and wind. Though there is much opposition to tapping these sources from big oil and utility companies, public opinion is positive on using them. We are seeing wind farms raised in Tennessee, solar plants installed in Florida, and welcome the opportunities in Charleston, SC and Georgia for energy sources like offshore wind. Every day we see a more energy efficient product introduced to the market; whether an eco-friendly car or kitchen appliance, the progress is evident confirming that clean energy and energy efficiency efforts are picking up speed.

NREL: Buffalo Mountain Wind Farm

Here at The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, we are so thankful for our many supporters and for the growing awareness of these issues. The fight for clean energy and energy efficiency is not one that will be easily won, but such monumental changes rarely are. The clean energy movement is designed to recharge and build a more sustainable and enduring future. Clean energy promises and provides results that are beneficial to human health, economic health and quality of life.

In the spirit of the holidays, let us remember and be grateful for the past enterprisers who helped build our thriving economy on the energy sources of the past. But let us also look towards the future, and be thankful and conscious of the new innovative technology and developments that have been created to help guide us into a greener, cleaner, more sustainable future.

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