Do You Know What South Carolina’s Public Service Commission Does?

Chris Carnevale | January 27, 2014 | Elections, Energy Policy

Do you know what the South Carolina Public Service Commission (PSC) does? This is a question that the vast majority of South Carolinians may not be able to answer, even though the PSC is one of the most important regulatory bodies in the state. In short, the PSC is responsible for seeing that utility companies promote reliable, cost-effective services such as power, water, sewer, telecommunications, and transportation throughout the state. The PSC is perhaps most well known as the entity that regulates what rates power companies, such as SCE&G and Duke Energy, can charge customers for delivering electricity and gas.

While the PSC’s work is critical, most South Carolinians don’t know what the PSC does or how to take part in utility decision-making processes. That’s where a unique initiative called uPowerSC comes in–to help connect the work of the PSC with the citizens of the state.

uPowerSC is about making your voice heard in the debate about powering South Carolina forward. Whether you want clean drinking water or cheaper rates for energy, you have a stake in the decisions made by the Public Service Commission (PSC). Now is the time to ask questions and learn more about how the PSC energizes South Carolina’s economy.uPowerSC website

uPowerSC tour in 2013: SACE coastal climate & energy coordinator, Chris Carnevale, with Ben Gregg from SC Wildlife Federation, Ann Timberlake from Conservation Voters of SC, and North Myrtle Beach City Councilman Greg Duckworth in front of one of North Myrtle Beach's wind turbines.

To help citizens better understand the role of the Public Service Commission, SACE is partnering with the uPowerSC team to present a webinar next Monday, Feb. 3, on the PSC, its role, and information about open PSC seats and elections to be held later this year. There will be three openings for commissioners and applications will be accepted from Feb. 3 to Feb. 21. You can see the official notice here.

Please register for the webinar here if you would like to learn more about the PSC, if you are interested in running for a seat, or if you know someone who would make a good candidate.

Chris Carnevale
Chris is SACE’s Climate Advocacy Director. Chris joined the SACE staff in 2011 to help with building public understanding and engagement around clean energy solutions to the climate crisis. Chris…
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