Good Jobs Green Jobs comes to the South

Guest Blog | February 16, 2012 | Energy Policy, Events

From the manufacturing of solar panels and wind turbines, to updating commercial buildings and the weatherization of homes, to the production of cleaner, safer chemicals, the green economy is emerging in cities and towns across the country.

This year, regional Good Jobs, Green Jobs Conferences will be held throughout the country with the Southeastern conference held here in Atlanta, Georgia on February 23-24. This event will provide an opportunity for community leaders, union members, environmentalists, business leaders and elected officials to come together to discuss how our region is beginning to build the foundation for a green economy city by city and block by block.

In cities across the Southeast, green jobs are putting us on a path to an efficient and clean energy economy. These jobs will not only help to preserve our planet but will also provide an opportunity to increase employment, lower energy bills and contribute the overall health and standard of living for low-income communities that will be impacted the greatest from global climate change.

This year’s Good Jobs Green Jobs Conference will feature high-level keynote speakers, dynamic plenaries, and workshops all emphasizing local initiatives creating good jobs and a clean environment in a number of emerging clean tech jobs. Some of these areas include: clean energy manufacturing; green infrastructure and transportation; state and local initiatives; emerging green sectors like recycling, chemicals, water and agriculture; renewable energy and energy efficiency; and business, investments and new markets.

SACE staffer Seandra Rawls will participate on a panel with the Kentucky Sustainable Energy Alliance, the Knoxville Energy Alliance Partnership for Green Jobs (KEAP Green Jobs) and Socially Equal Energy Efficient Development (SEEED) to highlight how broadening and strengthening the base of clean energy support through Alliance building, particularly with non-traditional allies, is an important strategy to consider when advancing clean energy policies and practices in the region.

SACE staffers Simon Mahan, John Bonitz and Glenn Mauney will all lead a panel highlighting the potential for emerging green jobs in the clean tech industry to include wind, biomass and energy efficiency. They will be joined by Lanny Sinkin, Executive Director of Solar San Antonio – a non-profit organization that promotes solar energy.

The Good Jobs, Green Jobs Southern Regional Conference is the “can’t miss” clean energy event of the year. Be sure to join me and my colleagues for the nation’s leading forum for building a green economy and creating good, green jobs.

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