SunRisers: ‘Solar in the Southeast’ Annual Report (Part 4)

Utilities exhibiting the highest solar ambition over the next four years earn the prestigious title of SunRisers. Today's blog, the fourth in a series about our new Solar in the Southeast annual report, examines the current list.

Bryan Jacob | July 16, 2020 | Energy Policy, Solar, Utilities

In each of our Solar in the Southeast annual reports (three so far), we have designated SunRisers. These are the seven utilities (each serving at least 100,000 customers) who exhibit the highest increase in watts per customer solar ratio over our four-year forecast time horizon (now 2019-2023).

Southeast Solar Momentum: SunRisers, Page 8, Solar in the Southeast Third Annual Report

There are a lot of familiar names on the SunRiser list. Leaders tend to remain leaders.

But one of the most interesting observations about this year’s list is how much higher the bar is to qualify. In our first Solar in the Southeast annual report, that threshold for the number seven slot was 430 W/C (watts per customer) increase — now it’s more than double at 902 W/C.

And the top end of the ambition is more than double, as well. In our first report, Duke Energy Progress earned the top slot with a four-year increase of 1,198 W/C (2017-2021) – in this most recent edition, four of the seven exceed that forecast increase, with Walton EMC rising by 2,696 W/C (2019-2023).

  • Georgia’s Walton EMC retained the top slot on this year’s SunRiser list with further expansion of its solar portfolio for Facebook.
  • Gulf Power made its debut on the SunRiser list as sister-company Florida Power & Light shifted some of the planned solar development for the next four years into the Florida panhandle.
  • Georgia Power reemerged onto the SunRiser list as a result of 2,210 MW of additional solar ordered by the PSC (Public Service Commission) in approving its IRP (Integrated Resource Plan).
  • Duke Energy Progress (DEP), Tampa Electric, and Dominion Energy South Carolina (DESC, formerly SCE&G) each earned SunRiser designation for the third consecutive year. Orlando Utilities Commission (OUC) joins them for the second straight year.

The following table includes the base year (2019) and forecast year (2023) watts per customer solar ratios. Note: only utilities serving at least 100,000 customers are eligible for the SunRiser list.

Southeast Solar Momentum: SunRisers, Page 8, Solar in the Southeast Third Annual Report

Congratulations to the current SunRisers! Keep up the good workbecause other utilities may try to raise the bar and dethrone you before next year.

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