The 2024 EPA Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Grant Program Has Launched!

The EPA has released nearly $1 billion in funding from the Inflation Reduction Act to replace heavily polluting diesel trucks, which will improve air quality and save communities thousands of dollars a year on fuel and maintenance. Importantly, 40% of the funding will prioritize communities most burdened with failing pollution levels.

Dory Larsen | April 29, 2024 | Clean Transportation, Electric Vehicles

What is the Opportunity?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) through the Inflation Reduction Act is making funding available to states, municipalities (including school districts), Indian Tribes, and nonprofit school transportation associations for the incremental cost (i.e. the cost differential between diesel and electric) of Class 6 and 7 zero-emission vehicles including school buses, delivery trucks, utility trucks and more. 

How Much Funding Is Available?

The newly released Clean Heavy-Duty Vehicles Program is providing up to $932 million dollars in federal funding that can be used for two different sub-programs: the School Bus Sub-Program, which will be allocated at approximately 70%, and the Vocational Vehicles Sub-Program.

Additionally, at least 40% of the funding will flow to communities that are burdened with low air quality. Check the EPA’s list to see if your community is prioritized. 

What Kind of Funding is Available? 

Cost share is required and at certain defined amounts up to the per-vehicle funding cap.

How Can My Local Government or School District Apply?

Applicants need to register with and to begin the application process. Applications are due on July 25, 2024. 

What Is the Fine Print?

How Can I Get More Information?

How Can I Take Action In My Community?

Please take the time to copy and paste this sample email. Then send it to your local elected officials and ask them to apply for the funding to support clean air initiatives in your community. Applications are due on July 25, 2024. This funding is only available this one round with the program so they don’t want to miss the opportunity. 


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