Throughout the Southeast, Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice this Saturday, September 8th

Guest Blog | September 4, 2018 | Climate Change, Energy Policy

This blog was written by Kelsey Grentzer, former Florida Communications Coordinator at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

This Saturday, September 8th — the weekend before San Francisco’s Global Climate Action Summit — thousands of people around the nation will gather to demand bold action on climate, jobs, and justice as a part of the Peoples Climate Movement.

The Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice events aim to mobilize tens of thousands of people into streets, town halls, and community forums across the U.S. to show our leaders that “on this day, and every day, climate matters.” Participants will call for a just transition to a 100-percent clean energy future.

If you want to see clean, safe, and healthy communities now and for future generations, now’s the time to show our elected and private sector leaders that climate needs to be a priority. You don’t need to be an activist to join; anyone and everyone who supports climate action is encouraged to participate.

The Peoples Climate Movement has organized other large-scale events over the past several years to send a message to our leaders, including 100 Days of Mobilization in the spring of 2017, the 2015 National Day of Action, and the 2014 Peoples Climate March, which has been called the largest climate change march in history, with more than 300,000 participants.

Let’s keep the momentum going, and make sure climate action is a part of the conversation as we approach this year’s midterm election in November and as we move forward into 2019 and beyond.

The timing of this year’s national mobilization is especially key, as state and local leaders from across the U.S. and the world will meet in San Francisco the following week for the Global Climate Action Summit, with the aim of committing to do more to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in accordance with the Paris Climate Change Agreement. The national Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice mobilization will be an opportunity to encourage these leaders to commit to bold action to address climate change locally in our cities and states across the U.S

Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice events will be held in cities across the nation, and some events will be tailored to issues of local importance. For example, Miami’s event will focus especially on resilience against extreme weather, such as hurricanes, which may increase in intensity due to climate change.

Take the pledge to Rise for Climate, Jobs and Justice, and find an event near you:

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