Tis the Season to Harness Old Man Winter

Guest Blog | December 23, 2011 | Energy Policy, Wind

Winter is by far my least favorite season. With the time change, and sinking sun, it gets and stays dark outside much longer than any other season. Not that you’d want to go outside – it’s too cold and windy to do much anyway. Sure, there are some great holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas to spend time with friends and loved ones, but I am positive we could better spend the same time together on some tropical island. So while we’re all hunkered down for the brunt of Old Man Winter, why not think about how you can make the Old Man work for you? During the winter, the average wind speeds pick up pretty dramatically (especially from the North) which, with the right wind turbine, could help power your home. It might not be much of a consolation prize, but higher wind speeds can be a silver lining to an otherwise dark time of year.

The Tennessee and Kentucky Wind Working Group has recently published a primer on “small” wind turbines within the 400 watt to 100 kilowatt range that are perfect for residential purposes. The guide walks through the different types of technology available, ways to determine if your home would be suitable for a small wind turbine, financing options, an example for an estimated return on investment and the guide also covers some common questions about wind turbines. Not all places are suitable for small wind turbines but it may be worth looking into – especially if you want to give Old Man Winter a run for his money.

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