TVA Announces New Energy Efficiency Program for Homeowners

Guest Blog | January 13, 2015 | Energy Efficiency, Utilities

Yesterday, TVA announced the unveiling of its new energy efficiency program, eScore. The new program provides homeowners with expert recommendations and instant rebates through installations to make their home as energy efficient as possible.

The recommendations and instant rebates are grouped within 10 categories, targeting the major energy consumption in most homes. (The rebates available for each program can be found by clicking on each of the categories.) After registering for the program online, all you have to do is contact one of TVA or your local power company’s qualified contractors and get started saving money and making your home more comfortable! The eScore program allows you to identify the upgrades and improvements you need to get your house to a 10, and work towards that goal at your own pace. Each improvement you make moves your house closer to be the most energy efficiency it can be! For more information, contact TVA or your local power company for more details.

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