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Stephen Smith | January 26, 2009 | Energy Policy

Welcome to cleanenergy.org, the website of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE). While we all share concerns about our economy, it is also an exciting time as new leadership takes over in Washington. DC. For SACE, we are excited about the focus on “green jobs” and clean energy. Myself, our board and our staff all feel strongly that we need a clean energy revolution in this country and across the world. We hope to make cleanenergy.org a useful tool for you and others in your community as we all help bring this revolution forward. Please explore our site for facts, updates and opportunities to learn ways you can become more involved.

I hope in the coming weeks to be able to share my insights here on this blog about our challenges and successes. I also plan for other SACE staff members to give you their first hand view of working in the trenches as we push the clean energy agenda and remake our country’s energy future.

If you believe that we need more energy efficiency, more renewable energy, smarter grids, cleaner fuels and real solutions to global warming, then please bookmark this site and join us in our efforts.

Thank You
Stephen A. Smith
January 26, 2009

Stephen Smith
Dr. Stephen A. Smith has over 35 years of experience affecting positive change for the environment. Since 1993, Dr. Smith has led the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) as…
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