Where the 2018 Candidates Stand on Energy: Democratic Nominee for Georgia PSC District 3 Lindy Miller

Heather Pohnan | September 25, 2018 | Elections, Georgia

This post is the twelfth in a series of blogs examining where the 2018 candidates for state and federal offices in the Southeast stand on key energy and climate issues. To read the candidate profile for Republican Nominee for Georgia Public Service Commission for District 3, Chuck Eaton, click here.

Note: The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy does not support or oppose candidates or political parties. Links to reports, candidate websites and outside sources are provided as citizen education tools.

Candidate: Lindy Miller

Lindy Miller is the Democratic candidate for Georgia Public Service Commission representing District 3. She has held several jobs related to energy and policy, including co-founding an energy company with a mission to help transform Georgia’s energy marketplace by developing and operating solar photovoltaic (PV) systems. As a policy practitioner, she also held the position of Associate Director of Global PublicPolicy at Deloitte LLP.


Lindy Miller’s campaign website highlights solar as an opportunity for the state of Georgia: “The advanced energy economy is fueling a rapid increase in new jobs. From front-line solar panel installers and construction workers to accountants and coders, this high-growth sector has the potential to bring tens of thousands of new jobs and tremendous innovation to Georgia.” She goes on to describe community solar programs as “essential to the future of Georgia’s economy.”

Energy Efficiency

Miller acknowledges energy efficiency as a method of lowering customer bills: “Investments in energy efficiency can reduce demand, bringing down costs for Georgians.” In a 2018 candidate questionnaire, the Gwinnett Forum asked candidates to pick one issue and explain how they would address it, and Miller again cited energy efficiency as a means of bill control: “Customers do not currently have enough choice in how to meet and reduce their energy needs. I would address this by providing communities with broader access to tools and resources that help them control their energy costs. These options would include access to solar, home weatherization, and energy efficiency upgrades. “

Fossil Fuels

We could not find any mention of fossil fuels in general or coal in particular in Lindy Miller’s campaign materials, interviews, debates, or any readily available public information.

Climate Change

We also could not find mention of Lindy Miller’s views on climate change specifically. However, in a candidate questionnaire she has stated a need to include “direct emissions and changes to the emissions profile of the full generation fleet” in PSC decision making.


In a Democratic primary debate held on May 3rd, Lindy Miller spoke regarding Vogtle, a nuclear plant under construction in Georgia. She stated that “every family is paying unprecedented amounts of money in advance for a project that is late and tremendously over budget.”  She went on to question whether it was responsible to make promises to voters to stop construction of the project.

Clean Transportation

In regards to clean transportation, Miller has spoken positively regarding planning for electric vehicle (EV) expansion: “Investments in renewable energy like electric vehicle charging infrastructure and community solar programs are essential to the future of Georgia’s economy.”

We encourage you to register and then vote this November. Click here for voting resources provided by the Georgia Secretary of State. If you are inspired by this blog and have questions for the candidate, please contact her campaign here.

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