Where the Candidates Stand on Energy 2021: Knoxville City Council

In this blog series, we share the 2021 Knoxville City Council candidates’ positions on clean energy and climate issues in their own words.

Guest Blog | August 3, 2021 | Climate Change, Elections, Energy Policy, Tennessee, Utilities

This blog post was written by Brady Watson, former Civic Engagement Coordinator for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

In this blog series, we share the Knoxville City Council candidates’ positions on clean energy and climate issues in their own words. Each of the blog posts below contains the candidates’ responses to SACE’s candidate questionnaire. The responses are ordered by City Council district, and alphabetically within each district. View candidate responses by clicking on each respective district candidate below. We have also indicated which candidates have not returned the questionnaire. 

Note: The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy does not support or oppose candidates or political parties. Links to reports, candidate websites, and outside sources are provided as citizen education tools. Candidates are listed in alphabetical order by district.

City Council is the legislative body of the City of Knoxville. Later this year, City voters will elect five members to the nine-member Knoxville City Council. Early voting for the general election runs from October 13-28 and Election Day is Tuesday, November 2. City residents will be able to vote for a candidate in all 5 of the seats up for election during this General Election, no matter what district in the city they live in.  For more information on the election, the candidates, candidate forums, and how you can be a voter, visit the City’s Go Vote! Knoxville webpage or click the links below:

Knoxville City Council Districts. View an interactive map and PDF of the districts.

Knoxville City Council Candidate Responses on Climate and Energy

District 1

District 2

District 3

District 4

District 6

  • Garrett Holt: Has not returned the questionnaire
  • Vice Mayor Gwen McKenzie: Has not returned the questionnaire


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