Will a wind project impact the value of my home?

Guest Blog | December 5, 2009 | Energy Policy
Wind turbines in east Tennessee
Wind turbines in east Tennessee

The answer is quite simply, no.  According to a three-year study released by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory that analyzed data from thousands of homes located near wind farms in the U.S., wind energy projects have no impact on home values after wind project construction.

This may come as no shock.  Many folks do not believe that wind turbines are a deterrent for future home buyers.  This study recognizes that home values are impacted by the view of the surrounding landscape.  What this study proves is that wind turbines on the landscape do not impact the economic value of that view, as reflected in the resale value of the home. Of course, some people will prefer to not view turbines, but this study proves that the majority of the people are not impacted one way or the other by the location of wind turbines in their viewshed.

This study is the only study that has taken a large enough amount of data (over 7500 residential homes) to say with any statistical confidence how a wind project affects the resale values of a home.   The study took into account the quality of the view from the residence and the distance of the residence from a project, yet when analyzed, neither variable demonstrated a significant impact to the home’s resale value.  The study took into account 24 projects across the 9 U.S. states, including projects in the eastern half of the country.

And taking into consideration that the study was conducted at a time when the housing market was crashing all around us, it would appear to one that details, such as viewsheds, may be more closely scrutinized.

Here is a summary of the findings.

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