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Chris Carnevale | April 30, 2018 | Solar, South Carolina

Charleston Rooftop SolarWith just two weeks left in this energy-focused South Carolina legislative session, the Legislature has not passed anything to ensure the protection of customers’ access to solar power as a way to control energy costs. One of several solar bills that were introduced came close to passing the House a few weeks ago before getting killed by a last-minute rule change, while the other solar bills did not receive hearings fast enough to even come to a vote.

The path forward for solar in this legislative session is not clear, but we need to make sure that legislators know it is a priority.

Will you please write a quick letter to the editor of your local paper to draw more attention to the need for the Legislature to ensure fair access to solar power? Feel free to take inspiration from the talking points below, and adapt them to your liking. Then, below, find the links to your local paper’s instructions on how to submit your letter.

Alternatively, just write a quick note to your legislators directly and encourage them to support pro-solar policy. Find their contact information here.

Talking Points:

  • The V.C. Summer nuclear construction disaster has made clear that customers need protection from monopoly utility mismanagement. Solar power provides customers the ability to take control of their own energy bills.
  • Tens of thousands of South Carolinians are now saving on their utility bills thanks to solar power, yet an arbitrary cap on how many customers can receive full compensation for their solar threatens to prevent other customers from sharing in the savings. We need to lift the cap so customers can continue to save.
  • Nearly 3,000 South Carolinians work in the solar industry, with over 1,000 jobs added in just the past two years. But hitting the solar cap would mean layoffs and less job growth.
  • Utility-scale solar encourages competitive electric rates and is often the cheapest power available on the market. Low-cost utility-scale solar should be encouraged.
  • While utilities fight against fair solar policy to preserve their profits, South Carolinians pay the highest power bills in the country. It is more important than ever that families and small businesses have as many options available to them as possible to control their monthly costs and are free to make their own decisions about utilizing solar energy.
  • We need to end the era of arrogant monopoly utilities acting above the law and holding hostage our public policy process and our wallets.

Links to newspaper submission instructions and forms:

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