2012 Knoxville EV Show & National PlugIn Day

Guest Blog | September 19, 2012 | Press Releases

Knoxville, Tenn. – Media and intrigued local residents are invited to attend the 2012 Knoxville Electric Car Show to learn of the fun, clean?air benefits, and cost?savings of electric cars as part of the second annual National Plug in Day event. Today, US dependency on foreign oil has dropped 15% since 2005 (energy.gov). This is in part due to switching to alternative fuels and electric vehicles (EVs). The number of EVs in Tennessee is growing steadily along with the charging infrastructure. We now have over 60 refueling locations for EVs across East Tennessee, and about 25 in the City of Knoxville alone. The FREE Electric Vehicle Show will be held on Friday, September 21 at the south end of Market Square and along Market Street from 4:00 – 8:00 pm. The event will be a great opportunity for pictures and videos! Attendees will be able to meet EV owners and talk about the benefits of EV ownership. The event will showcase 8?9 locally owned EVs, including several locally converted EVs. The show team will provide general information about EVs and serve as a resource for those interested in learning more about EVs. “ETCleanFuels, the City of Knoxville, the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and the Knoxville Electric Vehicle Association are local organizations that want to help improve air quality locally and build a cleaner community. EVs are one option that help keep our money in the U.S. and Tennessee and more are coming to the market every year. We will be providing accurate information at the event so individuals can determine how an EV might fit into their lives. Some may even get a test drive,” says Jonathan Overly, Executive Director of ETCleanFuels. “This event is a way to continue EV education in our city and region.” The EV show is in celebration of National Plug In Day (PID) hosted by national partners Plug In America, the Sierra Club and the Electric Auto Association. PID will be recognized nationally on Sunday, September 23. ETCleanFuels is nonprofit 501(c)3 that is part of the U.S. DOE Clean Cities Program and works proactively with regional fleets and organizations to reduce dependence on foreign oil and improve regional air quality and sustainability. It is a voluntary effort. # # # For more information about the event or ETCleanFuels, visit http://www.ETCleanFuels.org. For more information about the City of Knoxville’s sustainability efforts, visit http://cityofknoxville.org/sustainability. For more information about SACE, visit http://www.CleanEnergy.org; for info about KEVA, visit http://www.knoxev.org.