Webinar: A Discussion for Local Governments: Electric Transportation, Federal Funding and Your Community

Kate Tracy | December 8, 2021 | Webinars

A webinar for local government staff looking to learn more about opportunities for electric transportation in the Federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act. This webinar examined the amount of funding Florida will receive from the IIJA and the timeline for funds distribution. Presenters also discussed qualifying project types and what local governments can do to prepare, including to what extent local governments should consider collaborative public/private partnerships.


  • Anne Blair, Electrification Coalition
  • April Combs, Florida Department of Transportation
  • Alex Kolpakov, Tampa Bay Clean Cities Coalition
  • Michael Dexter, Southeast Sustainability Directors Network

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The webinar covered funding available from the IIJA. As municipalities consider what funding they will apply for in regards to transportation and the IIJA, we encourage them to visit the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) website, including a page specific to Florida, that explains the IIJA in full. (Please note the Florida page includes all funding available to Florida through the IIJA.) 

From now until January 28, 2022, the FHWA is receiving comments on how the federal IIJA funding will be allocated and distributed. We encourage municipalities to review the Request for Information on the Federal Register, before submitting comments. The comments submitted will help inform the development of the guidance for the:

  • EV formula program ($198 million for Florida), and the 
  • Competitive discretionary grant program ($2.5 billion nationally). ​

Additionally, the Southeast Sustainability Directors Network (SSDN) has created a resource delineating the various funding opportunities in the IIJA. It includes the amount of funding for each program and an overview of the total funding for sustainability efforts.