ADVISORY: Legislators Promote Electric Vehicles During National Drive Electric Week

During National Drive Electric Week NCGA Members Host Event to Promote Electric Vehicle Use

September 27, 2021
Contact: Hudson McCormick, [email protected], Kate Tracy, [email protected]

Raleigh, N.C. – On Wednesday, September 29th, members of the North Carolina House of Representatives, Rep. Julie von Haefen (HD 36) and Rep. Harry Warren (HD 76), will host an Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive event at the North Carolina General Assembly to raise awareness about the role electric vehicles play in our state’s transition to clean transportation. All NCGA members and staff are invited to attend and test drive electric vehicles. This event is part of National Drive Electric Week and is made possible by the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. Members of the press are invited to attend.

Who: Rep. Julie von Haefen, Rep. Harry Warren, and representatives of the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.
What: Electric Vehicle Ride and Drive
When: Wednesday, September 29th from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Directly in front of the legislative building (16 W. Jones St, Raleigh, NC)

“Until you drive an electric vehicle, it is difficult to understand what all the excitement is about. So we’re putting policymakers in the driver’s seat to experience the excitement first-hand and spur their enthusiasm for advocating for EV friendly policies that will grow North Carolina’s burgeoning EV market,” said Stan Cross, Electric Transportation Policy Director at the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy.

Rep. Warren said, “The advent of the electric vehicle is upon us and it is inevitable that it will become a prominent feature on the highways. This event is a great opportunity for folks to become acquainted with electric vehicles if they haven’t had experience with one.”

Rep. von Haefen expressed excitement about hosting the event at the legislature, “Each year, a larger percentage of our state’s vehicle sales consists of electric vehicles. And with major manufacturers already committing to phase out combustion engines by 2035, our state has to get ready for the electric vehicle transition that’s already well underway. North Carolina can be a leader in electric vehicle use, sales, and manufacturing, but we must prioritize policies that allow the electric vehicle market to grow and thrive. Hosting this event at the General Assembly is a terrific opportunity for elected officials to get excited about the potential for a robust electric vehicle market in our state.”

National Drive Electric Week (NDEW) runs from September 25th through October 3rd of this year. You can learn more about NDEW on the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy website.


Questions for Rep. Warren may be directed to [email protected].

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