“Assessment of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification”

Kate Tracy | July 26, 2023 | Reports and Fact Sheets

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It’s easy to understand why electric utilities have been quick to embrace electrification: consumer demand for electricity flatlined after the Great Recession, while demand for electric vehicles (EVs) has only been increasing. But utilities and their customers stand to gain even more from the budding upsurge in fleet adoption of electric trucks and buses. In fact, in some circumstances, EVs can actually help make the power grid cheaper, cleaner, and easier to run. That might sound a bit backward, but it’s true and there is just one catch: utilities have to plan for it.

By proactively making plans to accommodate new consumer demand for electricity, utilities can avoid stalling the progress of medium- and heavy-duty electrification. But why do these vehicles matter? Our latest whitepaper, “Assessment of Medium- and Heavy-Duty Vehicle Electrification” explores how the transition to electric trucks, vans, and buses can provide many benefits to utilities, fleet operators, and utility ratepayers.