“Energy Efficiency in the Southeast” Fourth Annual Report Webinar

Kate Tracy | February 15, 2022 | Webinars

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The Southern Alliance for Clean Energy’s (SACE) fourth annual “Energy Efficiency in the Southeast” report documents recent policy developments and performance trends in electric utility efficiency from 2020. It continues to highlight that energy efficiency is a proven low-cost clean energy resource that has enormous potential to lower customers’ energy burden and reduce carbon emissions, the leading cause of the climate crisis. However, Southeastern utilities continue to underinvest in energy efficiency.

As a result, households in many Southeastern states have some of the highest electricity usage and monthly energy bills in the nation, and states and utilities are currently not on track to reach crucial decarbonization goals. It’s not too late for local policymakers to take advantage of untapped efficiency savings and in turn reach crucial decarbonization goals.

Watch a webinar held on Tuesday, February 15, during which SACE analysts reviewed highlights from the “Energy Efficiency in the Southeast” fourth annual report, including:

  • Utility, state, and regional energy efficiency trends that affect economic savings across the region
  • The pandemic’s magnitude of impact on utility efficiency performance in 2020
  • The intensifying energy insecurity for millions of already-vulnerable households -Which of the region’s utilities and states are – or aren’t – implementing efficiency as a tool to decarbonize
  • Changes to watch for arising from landmark policy and regulatory decisions that raised expectations or increased scrutiny

Report authors also discussed the potential for energy savings in the region as well as the high cost of inaction. The presentation concluded with a Q+A session.