EPA’s Coal Ash Regulations

George Cavros | August 17, 2010 | Podcasts

For the August’s webinar in SACE’s monthly webinar series, we willexplain the problem, proposal and process of EPA’s coal ash regulation.Following the disastrous 2008 coal ash spill at the Tennessee ValleyAuthority’s Kingston plant, the nation awoke to the dangers of thistoxic sludge, consisting of the waste left behind after coal is burnedto produce energy. This ash contains arsenic, mercury, lead, chromium,and a number of other toxic chemicals, and its generation, storage,transportation, and disposal are unregulated. The EnvironmentalProtection Agency has taken a first step towards finally regulatingthis mess, but they have done so very unusually, by co-proposing twovery different methods of regulation. In this webinar we will explainthe details and differences between EPA’s two proposals, the processfor making a decision, and how you can get involved.
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