FL PSC Takes Step in Right Direction

Guest Blog | November 10, 2009 | Press Releases

TALLAHASSEE, FL — Today’s deliberations on energy efficiency at the Florida Public Service Commission was a positive step toward bringing meaningful energy efficiency to Florida’s utility customers.

By taking time to allow newly-appointed Commissioner Klement to come up to speed on the issue, there was a thorough and extensive deliberation on the benefits of efficiency. The Commission demonstrated a willingness to question the direction that Staff and the Utilities proposed and stand up for customers.
It was clear that the Commissioners wanted to do what was cost-effective for Florida’s energy customers. Unfortunately, the PSC staff continued to promote the utility’s misleading claim that doing more energy efficiency would cost ratepayers more.

Quite the contrary, setting strong, cost-effective energy efficiency saves customers money by avoiding wasteful spending on the use of existing power plants and delaying or avoiding the construction of new power plants. It is the utilities approach of setting low energy efficiency goals that keeps customer costs (and utility profits) high.

The PSC was given clear direction from The Legislature on this matter when they amended the law in 2008 to authorize the Commission to pursue meaningful efficiency goals and establish Florida as a leader in energy efficiency. We look forward to that goal becoming a reality.