Local Businesses Send Letter to Sen. Nelson

Guest Blog | August 27, 2009 | Press Releases

Local Business Leaders Send Letter to Senator Nelson Urging
Support for Clean Energy Jobs BillEconomic Benefits of Clean Energy Cited Among Reasons to Support Legislation This Fall Tampa, Fla. (August 27) ‐ Today the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy and 1Sky Florida announced that over 40 small business and community leaders from Florida have released a letter urging Senator Nelson to support a comprehensive clean energy jobs bill in the U.S. Senate this fall.

The Florida letter is part of a national release of letter from over 1,000 small business leaders throughout the country who are speaking up this week to let Congress know that American small business owners believe that a comprehensive clean energy jobs bill will keep America competitive in the global economy, contrary to what the big energy lobbyists orchestrating American Petroleum Institute’s “Energy Citizen” rallies are suggesting.

“A clean energy jobs bill will ensure that American businesses stay competitive with the rest of the world,” said Faye Roller of Solar Source in Largo, who signed the letter. “It is very important that Congress knows the connection between clean energy investments and domestic jobs.”

A 2009 study by the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts‐Amherst in partnership with the Center for American Progress estimated that at least 1.7 million jobs nationwide could be created with an investment of $150 billion in domestic clean energy. In Florida, that could translate to nearly 100,000 new jobs through targeted clean energy investments.

“Business leaders throughout our region know that it makes good fiscal sense to confront the looming economic disaster of the effects of climate change and, at the same time, take advantage of the huge economic opportunities offered through renewable energy jobs,” said Southern Alliance for Clean Energy executive director Dr. Stephen A. Smith.

The full letter, which will be delivered to Senator Nelson’s office today, can be read following this release, along with the full list of business and community leaders in Florida who signed the letter. # # # Southern Alliance for Clean Energy is a nonprofit organization that promotes responsible energy choices that create global warming solutions and ensure clean, safe, and healthy communities throughout the Southeast. For more information, visit www.cleanenergy.org .

1Sky is a collaborative national campaign for strong federal action to tackle global climate change and invest in building the clean energy economy of the future, and 1SkyFL is the statewide network here in Florida. As the largest collaborative climate campaign in the country, 1Sky combines the force of more than 425 allied organizations, 167,000 committed climate advocates, 1,900 volunteer Climate Precinct Captains covering more than 380 congressional districts in 50 states, and a team of 46 including 30 organizers in 22 states working to mobilize constituent support. For more information on 1Sky contact Alex Posorske at (415) 420‐3370 or [email protected]

August 27, 2009

Dear Senator Nelson:

We write to you as business owners and concerned citizens throughout the state of Florida who know that it is time for the U.S. Senate to take comprehensive action to produce clean energy jobs legislation.

We cannot afford to continue to be driven by special interests preventing progress on clean energy jobs legislation in Congress, and reflexively saying “no” to anything that smacks of progress towards a competitive clean energy future for American business.

We are large, small and medium sized companies, spanning the spectrum from industry to retail and commerce. We represent the business core of Main Street in America. We understand the need to put our economy on track, creating millions of new jobs with the most efficient, responsible, and sustainable approach. We understand the need to stay competitive in the global economy. We understand the need to create an economy today that will keep America a world leader for many tomorrows to come.

And we understand that to do so, America must transform our energy infrastructure and move to a lowcarbon, clean energy economy. Therefore, we stand together with business leaders across the state and across America calling on our senators to do what is best for our country and for thousands of business owners.

We say yes to a new direction for our country, and we urge you to support legislation that:

• Expands Clean Energy Jobs for America: maximize the number of allowances used to create clean energy jobs and train workers to fill them. Establish strong and effective renewable electricity and energy efficiency resource standards that allow us to pivot away from dirty fuels and add more clean energy jobs to the U.S. economy.

• Takes serious steps toward cutting global warming air pollution as soon as possible: cut carbon emissions at least 20 percent by 2020. A slow start over the next decade will mean a much heavier price tag later on, not to mention less chance of a binding global treaty and more severe economic and climate impacts in every state in our country.

• Transitions us away from the dirty fuels of the past and towards the clean energy of the future: end the construction of new dirty coal plants and ensure that the oldest, dirtiest coal plants must reduce their global warming pollution.

Being on the front lines of this economic crisis, we ask that you join with the majority of Americans who know that the time for action is now on effective, comprehensive climate and energy legislation.

We cannot afford to wait – the costs of inaction on climate change will severely impact our economy and our future. Investments in energy efficiency and renewable industries like solar power and wind energy will create clean energy jobs, restore our economy, and secure America’s role as a global leader in the clean energy industry.

Please support American business by supporting clean energy jobs legislation.


Steven Handwerker, Boca Raton
Rob Nobrega, Boca Raton
Karen Fraley, Bradenton
Veronica Garrett, Clearwater
James Gibson, Daytona Beach
Steve Cote, Dunedin
Vanessa McKnight, Flagler Beach
P. D., Fort Lauderdale
K. J. Herson, Fort Lauderdale
Dan Cross, Fort Lauderdale
Kristin Kokal, Fort Myers
Ann Pierce, Fort Myers
Jessica Isaac, Gainesville
Roy Walbridge, Harmony
David Kunen, Highland Beach
Adam Graham, Jacksonville Beach
Kristen Bolomey, Jupiter
Bill Tenpenny, Lakeland
Faye Roller, Largo
Mark Donaldson, Melbourne
Jose Cojulun, Miami
Corina Fitch, Miami
Zo K. Dodge, Miami Beach
Christina Farnsworth, Miami Beach
Devon Dassaw, Miami Gardens
Keth Luke New, Port Richey
Nancy Pearson, Palm Harbor
Andrea Kanter, Parkland
Pamela Wilkey, Safety Harbor
Sandie Betz, Sarasota
Suzanne Murphy Larronde, Sarasota
Corinne Broskett, St. Petersburg
Daryl Purchase, St. Petersburg
Alyce Strong, Stuart
Claire Bynum, Tallahassee
Shelby Mathias, Tampa
Ellen Mueller, Tampa
Brian Trang, Tampa
Cybele Seeds, Tequesta
Edward St. Onge, West Melbourne
Judy Howell, Winter Haven
Jim Hanson, Winter Park
James Lucas, Winter Park