MLGW Will Take a Key Step Forward in its Process of Whether to Stay with TVA 

Millions of Dollars of Savings Potential on the Line Pending MLGW's Billion-Dollar Decision 

February 25, 2020
Contact: Kate Tracy, 865-235-1448, [email protected]

Memphis, Tennessee – This Thursday, the Power Supply Advisory Team (PSAT), of which the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy (SACE) is member of, will meet to hear from independent consultant, Siemens, on an updated analysis of Memphis Light, Gas, and Water’s (MLGW) future energy supply options. The findings of the report will inform MLGW’s and local political leaders’ billion-dollar decision on whether or not the utility stays with its current supplier, the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), or leaves the TVA and seeks a lower cost, alternative energy supplier.

Every year, MLGW pays roughly one billion dollars to TVA for energy that electrifies the City of Memphis and its residents. If MLGW were to leave TVA, preliminary studies have shown the potential for the Memphis utility to save hundreds of millions of dollars – savings that would be passed along to its customers who face some of the highest energy burdens in the nation.

Thursday’s PSAT meeting appears to be the last chance stakeholders have to weigh in before the final report will be issued, likely in April. SACE feels strongly that this decision requires significant meaningful public participation and we look forward to continuing to provide feedback as this process moves forward.

As long-standing stakeholders, SACE will be attending the PSAT meeting in Memphis, reviewing what we expect to be the most robust study of MLGW’s future options to date, providing our technical take on its findings, and continuing to educate the City of Memphis and residents on energy scenarios that provide low-cost, reliable energy to Memphians.

WHAT: Power Supply Advisory Team (PSAT) Meeting
WHERE: First Baptist Broad, 2835 Broad Avenue
WHEN: 10 AM – 2 PM

*SACE staff will be participating and attending the PSAT meeting, and available for comment before, during, and after the meeting.

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