New WRI Reports Show Burdens of Dirty Energy

Guest Blog | May 15, 2009 | Press Releases

Knoxville, Tenn. (May 15) – Two reports released in the past week point to public policy and investment opportunities necessary to encourage clean energy and efficiency development in the Southeast. The reports describe the region’s need for energy efficiency solutions and how the current energy infrastructure places excessive demand on water resources.

Released in partnership between the World Resources Institute, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, Southface and Southeast Energy Efficiency Alliance, the reports are part of a three-part series about energy issues in the region.

“These reports have been released at an important time when the nation is demanding changes to our energy policy,” said John D. Wilson, director of research for SACE. “Power plants require an amount of water almost equal to daily public supply needs. It’s clear that our electric utilities are too wasteful, too dirty . . . and too thirsty.”

Water and Watts, the third report in the series, shows that about 40 billion gallons of water is withdrawn each day for thermoelectric power in the Southeast. Power of Efficiency, the second report, shows that with efficiency measures the region can save more than 10 percent of total electricity use in the next six years.

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