Oceana’s Plan

George Cavros | July 8, 2010 | Podcasts

For far too long, the United States has lacked a true vision tomodernize to a clean energy economy. Oceana Vision 2020 aims toeliminate the need for offshore oil drilling and oil imports from thePersian Gulf by cutting oil consumption in residential and commercialheating, power plant generation, shipping, and light duty vehicles andoffsetting oil with advanced biofuels and offshore wind energy. Usingpublic and private partnerships like loan guarantees, tax credits,research and development and a host of other initiatives, Oceana’sultimate vision of eliminating offshore oil drilling and all oilimports would save the American consumer some $374 billion by 2035.With this vision, some 74% of oil consumption will be curtailed,consumers will save money, more jobs will be created and the worsteffects of climate change and ocean acidification can be averted.
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