Progress Energy Florida: Case for Mismanagement

Guest Blog | August 13, 2012 | Position Statements

One need not look hard to find mismanagement at Florida’s second largest electric utility, Progress Energy Florida (PEF). Crystal River (CR3)
– When it came time to replace aging steam generators inside the thick, concrete containment building at its Crystal River Unit 3 (CR3) nuclear reactor, the company chose to self-manage the work itself to save money.
– During the replacement of the Steam Generator, PEF contractors caused a crack (delamination) the containment building during tendon detensioning. On January 25, 2010, PEF tells the Public Service Commission (PSC) it expects CR3 to return to service by mid-year 2010.F_PEF-SACEFactSheet_ThecaseformismanagementSept2012.pdf