SACE Applauds Finalization of Cleaner Air and Fuel Standards for Cars

Guest Blog | March 3, 2014 | Press Releases

Contact: Jennifer Rennicks, Director of Policy & Communications, 865.235.1448, [email protected]


Atlanta, Ga. (March 3, 2014) – Today, the U.S. EPA finalized new rules to clean up car tailpipes and gasoline. Known as the Tier 3 Standards, these rules will significantly reduce air pollution from all cars on the road, new and existing, thus contributing to cleaner air throughout the United States. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, these new standards will prevent up to 2,400 premature deaths and 22,000 asthma attacks each year by 2030. According to the National Association of Clean Air Agencies, the nitrogen oxide emissions alone from this rule is equivalent of taking 33 million cars off the road in a year and preventing thousands of health illnesses.

Anne Blair, Clean Fuels Director for the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy, issued this statement:

“Smog and soot pollution from vehicles are major contributors to respiratory diseases like asthma and cardiovascular disease, and are plaguing air quality in many of our southeastern cities. Millions of people in the Southeast live in areas that do not meet federal health standards for air quality.

The new rules will also be a driver for new innovations and the creation of new jobs in the industry. We applaud the U.S. EPA for finalization of these important rules and for standing up to industry attacks. They will help improve the lives of every American, but particularly those who suffer from respiratory illness, young children and the elderly. Cleaner air is better for our health, our environment and our bottom line.”

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